The Golden Dram

DRAM₂O selects only the finest whisky from independent distillers, who understand that quality over quantity is of the upmost importance. The whisky has been carefully researched and sourced from a selection of Scotland’s six whisky regions (Highland, Lowland, Speyside, Islay, Islands and Campbeltown) and developed with meticulous attention to detail.

We strongly believe that good Scotch Whisky doesn’t have to be a stereotype only enjoyed by one consumer group; it can be so much more.  Our alternative vision encapsulates everything that makes Scotch whisky great, bringing a contemporary twist to a traditional story.  We firmly believe that the journey is as important as the experience, where defining a beaten path is more important than just following on.




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The nose is grown up and enticing, although it has that youthful popcorn note but I enjoy that, the palate is light enough to be one you need to, and want to, work at and deep enough to give you lots to see.

Toms Whisky Review Whisky Blogger

For a blended whisky, this is one of the best I've ever had! Really smooth for an entry point scotch.. Worth a try !

AndyUser review, Master of Malts

Nice wee visit to The Coach House studio ast night. And a chat and taste with you guys. Not really a whisky drinker, but yours could change that.

‎Christopher QuinnUser review, Facebook

Best of Tastings at Ashton Lane tonight!

Monica Shean‎ User review, Facebook

When setting out to create our first Whisky the team shared a common goal that we blend something that can be drank as you want to and not how you’re told. Often with Whisky the younger generation can be put off by simply not knowing where to begin their journey and opt for something that they have been told is the best or is the one their dad or grandad favours.

We knew that in the drink industry as a whole variety and versatility are becoming ever increasing factors in selection so we wanted to create something that could celebrate this with, arguably, Scotland’s finest export.

With Dram Òrach (which translated from Gaelic means The Golden Dram) predominantly being from the Speyside region, we feel we have a sweet, light and balanced offering that would work well in a range of products from fine foods to cocktails.

Our master blender selects only the finest and best whisky from independent distillers, who understand outstanding quality. They have been carefully handpicked from across of Scotland’s five whisky regions.

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